• Dusty Jewett Dusty Jewett

    Bio: SeaFlex UGM, Techno-Mage, Software Engineer, Geek, Browncoat

  • Jesse Proudman Jesse Proudman

    Bio: CEO of @bluebox. European Car Enthusiast. Ruby Tinkerer. Airport Pro.

  • Adam Philipp Adam Philipp

    Bio: Adam Philipp has been involved in the prosecution of patent applications in the computer science, electrical devices, consumer products and related fields since 1998 and with Internet and technology related law since 1995. He also counsels clients on intellectual property portfolio strategies and infringement matters. He has been participating in Startup Weekends events since they first came to Seattle. Adam is also a finalist as the “Schmoozer of the Year” award at the Seattle 2.0 Awards.

  • Tolis Dimopoulos Tolis Dimopoulos

    Bio: Tolis Dimopoulos is the managing attorney and founder of Sophos Law. Tolis serves as outside general counsel to startups and high growth companies in the information technology and cleantech industries. Tolis has represented private, public and non-profit clients in various commercial transactions including private placements and debt offerings, acquisitions, and licensing and distribution deals. Tolis regularly helps founders with new company formation, IP, and equity related matters. He also has extensive knowledge of investment management, corporate governance, and employment and compensation rules and regulations.

  • Chris Metcalf Chris Metcalf

    Bio: Director of Product Development / Developer Evangelist / Chief Bottle Washer / Jack of All Trades for Specialization is for insects.

  • Cam Caldwell Cam Caldwell

    Bio: Global Account Manager for Socrata, The Open Data Company

  • Carter Rabasa Carter Rabasa

    Bio: Carter Rabasa is a 12-year veteran of the consumer web with experience in product development, product management and developer marketing. He started writing code on his trusty TI-85 in high school and has never looked back. His began his career in Washington, DC where he cut his teeth building the first large-scale SMS app featured during Super Bowl XXXVI. While working at Microsoft, Carter worked on launching IE9 and getting web developers excited about the possibilities of HTML5. Currently Carter is a Sr. Developer Evangelist at Twilio and is living the dream in Seattle, WA. When he\'s not spending time with his wife and two beautiful daughters, he is focused on making sure that more and more people are exposed to the joys of learning to code. He is an ardent believer that coding is the new literacy.

  • Robi Ganguly Robi Ganguly

    Bio: I’m obsessively focused on building Apptentive. I believe that app developers need simple tools for communicating with their customers and establishing direct, long-lasting relationships with them. In the past, I did some digital communications strategy consulting for companies like Del Monte, Nike and RadiumOne. I helped them establish direct relationships and communicate with their customers. I learned a lot about how these companies make their decisions and how they can eventually be helped in the application space.

  • Darrell Cabales Darrell Cabales

    Bio: The newest addition to the Socrata Client Services Team.