Pre-Event Bootcamp Slides

Slides and resources from the Socrata and Google talks at our pre-event on Thursday, April 19th.


Download the slides here.

Some of the resources Chris used for the API demo:

– Postman for Chrome, a must-have for playing with REST APIs:
– Getting started with the SODA API, covers getting an app token and a few other high-level concepts:
– The Socrata “official” Github repo:
– Chris Metcalf’s Github repo, with some less-official examples:
– Chris Metcalf’s example SODA 2 script:

Getting Help During Startup Weekend GOV:
– IRC: Chris will be hanging out in #socrata-soda on as chrismetcalf
– Twitter: Tweet @chrismetcalf
– Email: support (at) socrata (dot) com and mention “Startup Weekend” in the subject


Download the slides: (coming!)

Slides on the other cloud services Marc discussed (Storage, Prediction, BigQuery, Refine) can be accessed directly from Google Cloud Storage here:

Other cloud services, which Marc didn’t get to cover during the Boot Camp session, but which are very helpful when building web based data visualizations:
Google Maps API
Google Chart Tools
Google Fusion Tables

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